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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

August 31, 2017 by stayonkiadmin

How do I get started listing my property?
The first step would be to register at by clicking “Signup” in the upper right hand corner and choosing “I want to rent my property” on the registration form.

What kind of photos do I need?
You will need to have high resolution digital photos, they should be 1920 x 1280px (pixels – and this ratio). If you do not have photo editing software you can use this online resource to get the correct size:

Do you have any tutorials?
I have not edited this video yet but it can be helpful, it is a basic “How to add your property” for

Q. As a potential renter, when you are “shopping” for a rental and select a property, how does the “Contact Owner” functionality work? Email to owner? Is the only way to use this is to create an account with the site?
A. The “Contact Owner” button sends an email directly to the owner which includes requested dates, message and email address of the sender.

Q. Does your site handle payment processing? Can you receive payment and process refunds/security deposits all from the site?
A. The site does not handle payment processing – we specifically did not want to handle this. It would add extra levels of complexity we weren’t willing to entertain at this point.

Q. Can you book reservations directly from the site?
A. Most people use multiple avenues for accepting reservations, we did not want to have an “automatic” reservation system without interaction between owner and renter. Our site allows the renter and owner to communicate directly.

Q. What are the other benefits for a common user to sign-up? Could they just browse the listings and contact the owner(s) directly?
A. We want users to signup so that we can a) Market specials, last minute openings and other items of interest to our users – b) track the effectiveness of the site. If users contact owner directly without being registered we would have no idea if they were using our site.

Q. Any plans to launch a mobile app?
A. There are no present plans to launch a mobile app, the site is completely mobile friendly and app development would be a huge expense (perhaps if it grows beyond our present scope we would entertain this in the future)

Q. Are there any other features that I may not be aware of?
A. The most important features of the site are a) Renters can search for specific dates and know they are getting an accurate search of availability and b) from an owners point of view they have complete control of their listing and can make changes any time.